Dvara e-registry declared winner in World Economic Forum’s Smarter Climate Farmers Challenge

Recognized for innovation in agricultural technology, Dvara E-Registry has been named one of the 12 winners of the World Economic Forum’s Smarter Climate Farmers Challenge. The company's digital platforms are paving the way for a new era of sustainable farming and financial inclusion for smallholder farmers across India

Dvara e-registry declared winner in World Economic Forum’s Smarter Climate Farmers Challenge
In a significant stride towards sustainable agriculture, Dvara E-Registry has been adjudged as one of the winners of the esteemed Smarter Climate Farmers Challenge, organised by UpLink, the open innovation platform of the World Economic Forum. With its innovative digital platforms designed to bolster climate-smart farming, Dvara E-Registry now joins the ranks of UpLink’s venerated community of Top Innovators.
The Smarter Climate Farmers Challenge by UpLink was initiated to combat the pressing agricultural challenges of our time, seeking innovative solutions in the realms of knowledge enhancement, resource efficiency & sustainability, inclusive technology and innovative financing. This year’s challenge witnessed an overwhelming response with 246 entries from across the globe, all vying to position agriculture at the confluence of food security, climate action, and entrepreneurial innovation.
Out of these diverse and competitive entries, Dvara E-Registry was distinguished as one of the 12 winners, an acknowledgement of its comprehensive and potent solutions. The selection was meticulously carried out, scrutinizing various aspects such as the viability of the business model, the progress and efficacy of the solution, team composition and management, commitment to gender balance, and the potential socio-economic and environmental impacts, with a special emphasis on scalability, investability, and diversity.
Tharakeswar Ganta, Co-Founder and Head of Financial Products at Dvara E-Registry reflected on the achievement, “It's an honour to be endorsed as a Top Innovator by the World Economic Forum and UpLink. Uplink provides us with a platform to connect with other innovations across the globe and showcase our solutions to global players. This acknowledgement is not just a recognition of our work but also a testament to the potential impact our digital solutions can have on the agricultural sector globally. We are eager to leverage the myriad opportunities presented by this network to amplify our contributions to the farming community.”
Dvara E-Registry, with its pioneering digital tools Doordrishti and KhetScore, stands at the forefront of revolutionizing agricultural practices, allowing farmers to navigate the challenges posed by climate change effectively and sustainably, says a company pressnote.

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