PV Sindhu Invests in Biofortified Food Brand ‘Better Nutrition’

This collaboration aims to combat micronutrient deficiencies in India through innovative biofortified foods, enhancing consumer health and farmer livelihoods.

PV Sindhu Invests in Biofortified Food Brand ‘Better Nutrition’

Indian badminton icon and two-time Olympic medallist PV Sindhu has announced her investment and new role as brand ambassador for Greenday’s ‘Better Nutrition’ brand. This partnership aims to address micronutrient deficiencies in India through biofortified foods, thereby enhancing both public health and farmer livelihoods.

Greenday is committed to enriching staple crops with essential vitamins and minerals, such as Iron, Zinc, Pro-Vitamin A, Calcium, and Protein, to improve the nutritional value of everyday meals. Collaborating with HarvestPlus Solutions, Greenday’s Nutrifarms initiative helps farmers produce nutrient-dense crops like fortified atta and rice. These efforts not only promote better health but also offer farmers premium prices for their enriched produce.

Prateek Rastogi, Founder and CEO of Greenday, highlighted the urgency of this mission: “Nutrition deficiency is a major issue in India, with over 50% of the population lacking essential nutrients. Studies show a decline in the nutrient content of staples like wheat and rice over the past 50 years. Greenday addresses this by promoting nutrition-dense farming and making biofortified foods both accessible and affordable. PV Sindhu’s support validates our mission. Together, we aim to raise awareness about nutrition-rich staples and improve farmer livelihoods.”

PV Sindhu expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration: “I deeply appreciate the dedication and innovation behind Better Nutrition products. This initiative enhances our health and educates and supports the farmers who are crucial to this effort.”

Ravinder Grover, Global Business Manager at HarvestPlus Solutions, praised the sustainable approach: “Biofortification enhances the nutritional value of crops sustainably. The need for biofortified foods in India is critical, with millions at risk of deficiencies. The adoption of biofortified crops is growing, benefiting farming households significantly. PV Sindhu’s endorsement will help combat micronutrient deficiencies, boost food security, and grow the biofortified food market in India.”

This partnership marks a significant step towards improving nutritional security and farmer welfare in India, leveraging Sindhu’s influence to promote health and sustainability.

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