Dvara E-Dairy partners with IFFCO-Tokio to launch AI-powered cattle digital identity for cattle insurance

Leveraging AI and ML technologies, Surabhi e-Tag aims to solve cattle identity issues and enable insurers to achieve scale in India's under-penetrated cattle insurance sector.

Dvara E-Dairy partners with IFFCO-Tokio to launch AI-powered cattle digital identity for cattle insurance


Dvara E-Dairy Solutions, a portfolio company of Dvara Holdings (formerly Dvara Trusteeship), has announced the launch of "Surabhi e-Tag", an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered digital tag to identify cattle based on muzzle identity. Muzzle images of the cattle are collected through the Surabhi mobile application and stored in hi-resolution images as a unique digital identity. The company has partnered with IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance to assist in digital transformation from the existing cattle identity solutions.

How the unique identification is done

One of the biggest issues faced by cattle insurance companies is the accurate identification of cattle and the processing time involved. The AI-driven mobile application of Dvara E-Dairy captures muzzle images with the mobile phone, compares the cattle's unique digital identity stored in a secured cloud server and retrieves the results at the click of a button in less than 60 seconds.

"Lack of tamper-proof, scalable, unique digital identity of cattle is one of the key reasons for moral hazard, resulting in a higher loss ratio for cattle insurers. Using advanced AI and ML (Machine Learning) technologies, the critical challenge of improving the quality of images at the time of image capturing is mitigated. We are excited to launch a pilot with IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance," said Ravi KA, Founder & CEO, Dvara E-Dairy Solutions.

Subrata Mondal, EVP – Underwriting, IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance, said, "We were exploring a reliable cattle identity process that can be stored digitally and can be accessed anytime. We are happy to partner with Dvara E-Diary to launch Surabhi e-Tag that accurately captures muzzle images."   

Why the need for this e-Tag

Conventional methods like polyurethane ear tags (PU ear tags) can be easily tampered with and are prone to duplication and fraud. Also, injectable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are expensive and require specialized skills. On the other hand, muzzle printing or nose printing is a unique identifier because it perceives patchy traits on the muzzle of cattle, just like human fingerprints. According to the grooves, valleys, and beads structures, cattle muzzle prints have discriminative features, making them unique. Surabhi e-Tag captures these features and stores them in a secure, tamper-proof environment and can significantly improve the penetration of cattle insurance.

Dvara E-Dairy has conducted pilot projects with IFFCO-Tokio, based on encouraging results prompting it to commercially launch Surabhi e-Tag in helping farmers expand their cattle stock and increase their revenues through formal financial enablement and insurance.

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